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Since its acquisition in 1910, 4 generations of vine growers have succeeded in the family BASSEREAU. Property of 50 ha including 45 ha of vines, the castle is managed since 1990 by Philippe and Valérie Bassereau who take care of the domain mixing tradition and modernity. Each year, the best possible, facing the climate and with our terroir, we raise wines never identical but of irreproachable quality: it is what we call a vintage. It is through a sincere collaboration, simple, sustainable and dynamic that we support you, over the years, in confidence and regularity.

Charter of production


Preserve nature and better value our heritage and our resources in order to transmit to future generations a protected and healthy environment as well as a viticultural production of sustainable quality.
The certification "HIGH ENVIRONMENTAL VALUE" (HVE) is based on a global approach to the management of the vineyard to minimize the impact of all agricultural practices on the environment and nature as well as promoting all beneficial approaches to the maintenance and development of a healthy and balanced ecosystem.





Biodiversity Conservation

The evidence of biodiversity, hedges, woods and groves, paths, slopes, trees, wildlife and various flora, are widely present on the site and are subject to ongoing monitoring. This involves the maintenance of woods and thickets, hedgerows and embankments, regular planting of various trees, the establishment of nest boxes (birds), not using insecticides on the vineyard.

A clever Vticulture

High Environmental Value (HEV) Level 3 is the most demanding level of an environmental certification scheme for agricultural holdings. We are committed to a voluntary approach that aims to identify and promote practices that are particularly respectful of the environment and the terroir. It focuses on four key points: the preservation of biodiversity, the phytosanitary strategy, the management of fertilization and the management of water resources.
The "high environmental value" is based on performance indicators guaranteeing a high level of environmental performance of the vineyard. . The certification of the exploitation makes it possible to affix on the products the mention mentioning "resulting from a exploitation of high environmental value".


We seek to minimize the pressure of agricultural practices on the vineyard and its environment through rigorous monitoring and choices of practices more respectful of nature.


The Phytosanitary Strategy We favor the use of phyto-sanitary products based on copper and sulfur (approved in organic farming) We reduce to a minimum the number of phytosanitary treatments on the season and we adapt the doses of products used in adequation with the vegetative stage of the vine and the pressure of diseases.
We use exclusively natural purines (comfrey, nettle, horsetail ...) for the purpose of fertilization or repulsion. No chemical insecticides are used.


Soil maintenance and fertilization

It is a long-term reflection that is decisive not only over the life of a vineyard but also the resistance of the plant to various pressures (diseases, drought, ...). We respect a rest of the soil before planting of 2 years minimum with sowing of green manures (barley or oats, mixture of leguminous) with purpose detoxifying, restructuring and fertilizer. We use seedlings of green manure between the ranks on vines in production for fertilizing purpose or reduction of vigor on the young vines. Fertilizers are 100% of organic origin (vegetable composts or derived from farm animals). The use of herbicides is in transition with the implementation of techniques for the maintenance of mechanical soils (mowing, plowing, footing, heaving, rotofil).


Management of the water resource

All wastewater from the cellar or vineyard is treated and treated in an approved wastewater treatment plant.
We also take care of the water points and the many natural sources of the estate.


"There is more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in all books." Louis Pasteur

"Wine is a teacher of taste, he is the liberator of the spirit and the illuminator of intelligence." Paul CLAUDEL

"If wine disappeared from human production, there would be in health and intelligence a void, an absence more dreadful than all the excesses of which it is made guilty." Charles BAUDELAIRE












Vinification and ageing in the pure Bordeaux tradition

Individual and plot vinification with temperature control.
Variable maceration according to the vintages for a qualitative extraction of fruity, tannins and color.

Aged in Bordeaux barrels (225 liters) and in wooden casks (5000 liters) personalized to each wine (Choice of quality French oak barrels of French and American origin)

Fining of the wines and light filtration at the bottling in order to preserve all the organoleptic qualities once in bottle.
Bottling of all production to the Property by us.

Choice of quality corks in natural cork (origin Portaugal) in order to keep our red wines in cellar more than 20 years.

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