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Château De La Grave has a secular history since the 15th century. The noble family of Belhade, owner of the land of Grave ceded the domain at the French revolution time. In the 19th century, the small hamlet of La Grave, originally made up of a main house and various farm buildings, land, vines, meadows and woods, became the CHATEAU DE LA GRAVE in 1868. The house was rebuilt with a round tower, turrets and roof with slender and eventful shapes giving it a unique neo-gothic and neo-renaissance aspect. Mr. Constant Bassereau acquired the property in 1910. Each generation of the family has worked hard to improve the quality of its wines and make them today a safe bet with an excellent value for money. They are popular wines, authentic and modern at once.




Nature deserves respect ... Even if we have never forgotten, it is important to remember to rediscover the sense and taste of the terroir, to listen, observe and look differently how vineyards produce and the environment around. Agriculture as viticulture must be responsible and sustainable. These are not the fact of privileged regions, favorable climates, exceptional soils but the result of choice and will.

We are committed every day to promote farming practices that respect nature in order to maintain a nurturing and protective environment. Our work is based on the preservation of plant and animal biodiversity (fragile, valuable and extraordinarily rich), a reasoned plant health strategy, only organic fertilization and long-term management of water resources.


In 2020, we committed to converting our vineyard to Organic Agriculture. It is a well-thought-out approach which only prolongs our HEV 3 certification and which today is undoubtedly a way of the future for our terroirs. Producing better and respecting natural balances is our pride.





















“Getting together is a start; staying together is progress; working together is success” Henry Ford


On the right bank of the Dordogne and the Garonne, at 35 km north of Bordeaux, our vineyard is located in the town of Bourg sur Gironde. It covers 45 ha in a single block all around the chateau in the "Côtes de Bourg" Appellation. The historians place the wine vocation of Bourg around the II century, when the Romans planted the first plan of "Vitis Biturica" designated as the ancestor of Cabernet. From the Middle Ages, Bourg was an important wine port and its estuary vineyard expanded to the rhythm of life and the river trade.


- 37.50 ha for the production of red wine in AOC Côtes de Bourg Rouge
  80% Merlot - 10% Cabernet Sauvignon - 10% Malbec

- 6.50 ha for the production of dry white wine in AOC Côtes de Bourg Blanc and a traditional method (extra-brut)
  50% Colombard - 50% Semillon

- 1 ha of Cabernet Sauvignon for the production of rosé wine and a traditional method (Brut Nature)


The region of the "Côtes de Bourg" has a specific microclimate instilled by the Gironde estuary, significant thermal buffer compared to Bordeaux climate: solar radiation higher than about 10%, less extreme temperatures of 1 to 2 °C, less rain between -10 and -25% depending on the year.


It mainly made up of a limestone base up to 20m thick and covered with a thick clay coat which varies according to the hills. On the heights, we find deposits of characteristic red gravel coming from the central massif (brought by the river to the Pliocene).

Our vineyard is planted on soils mostly made up of limestone and clay bringing freshness and drainage. It is a little greasy land mixing clay and its freshness to the filtering properties of limestone with a good resistance to drought. Soils that are perfectly suited to Merlot.

This rich soil gives to our wines a lot of character, a good acidity, freshness, both well marked and elegant tannins, spicy and peppery notes in the nose and palate.


Our cellar is equipped with thermoregulated traditional concrete tanks of different capacity and more recent stainless steel ones.

The maceration time is variable (from 2 to 3 weeks) for red wines according to the vintages for a qualitative and balanced extraction of the fruitiness, tannins and color. For white and rosé wines, the alcoholic fermentation takes place in barrels or Dolia jars depending on the wines.

The aging of our red wines takes place mainly in Bordeaux barrels (225 liters) and in wooden casks (5000 liters). Each wine will benefit from a personalized aging depending on the aging time and the age of the barrels.

Fining of wines in vats and light filtration at the bottling in order to preserve all the organoleptic qualities.

Bottling of all production at the Property by us.
Choice of qualitative natural corks (origin: Portugal) in order to keep our red wines in the cellar over 20 years.












"There is more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in all books." Louis Pasteur

In the wine world, it has always opposed the "Grands Crus" and "Petits Crus", the renowned regions and other less known, Bordeaux and Burgundy, the right bank and left bank, French wines and those from the new world, large and small estates, organic and not organic wines… And if wine was not that!

If we forgot a little, originally the name, varietals, vintage ... And if the wine was a reflection of the soul of the winemaker rather than the context that surrounds it. Wine cannot be tasted, it is lived and everyone will feel it in their own way.

Therefore, we would like to talk about our wines otherwise... Wines that we want accessible, frank and honest, wines that reflect our passion and commitment. Our wines are full of finesse and delicacy which does not attack but soothes the soul, full of character, typed ... wines in our image.

We are not perfect, neither the strongest nor the best, but we are both demanding and generous, workers and "good living", dreamers and enterprising, passionate and philosophers, courageous and pacifists, respectful and thoughtful and above all happy and in love.

Each year, in the best possible way, facing the climate and with our terroir, we produce wines that are never the same but always  qualitative: this is what we call a vintage.
All red wines show the predominance of the Merlot grape but each wine brings its variety of unique tastes and flavors supported by a well-balanced tannic structure and a nice freshness.
Our production is also a source of discovery through our singular white and rosé wines and our ephemeral cuvées, unique and original wines that offer great food and wine pairings, easy and accessible to all.

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