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Château de la grave


A concentrate of pleasure !

The alliance of power, velvet and finesse.
It is a unique wine by its roundness, its suppleness and the velvety aspect that it develops in the mouth from the first times. It is a deliciously tannic wine, powerful and supported by a good acidity that releases a certain nervousness. It offers us its warmth and all the balance between fruity and woody taste, between concentration and finesse, between richness and elegance that a wine needs. A Bordeaux wine to lay down which can reach after a few years of patience a dimension to which no fruity red wine can reach in its youth.

Aged in oak barrels - 18 months

Château de la grave NECTAR Côtes de Bourg  Red
  75 cl  2017 16,00 €
75 cl 2016 17,00 €
  75 cl  2014 18,00 € 
 150 cl  2014  35,00 €


Château de la Grave


A wine that expresses the terroir unhindered!

"Character"... this wine does not lack as the announcement of the vintage.
It is a well-constructed and warm wine, expressive and racy around a well-marked character that is easily appreciated from his youth. It is also a wine with powerful tannins, guaranteeing an ageing of a few years and a very good regular quality. On the nose, notes of candied red fruits with spices and pepper are combined with a well-blended oak. Long in the mouth and generous, it reveals a beautiful elegance and a lot of harmony.

Aged in oak barrels - 12 months

Château de la Grave CARACTERE Côtes de Bourg Red
75 cl 2018 12,00 €
   75 cl 2017 12,00 €
   75 cl 2016 12,00 €
 150 cl 2016 25,00 €





Château de la Grave


Enjoy this classic and delicate “Côtes de Bourg” wine each day at your table !

Accessible, it is an excellent wine for lunch or simple dinner.
With its round tannins and huge fruity bouquet dominated by ripe red fruits, you will appreciate it simple and accessible from a young age. It is distinguished by its deep red color, intense scent dominated by the fruit, its fleshy structure and its richness in tannins supported by a great freshness. Its evolution is marked by a lot of finesse.


Château de la Grave  CLASSIC Côtes de Bourg  Red
75 cl  2018 9.00€
75 cl  2017 9.00 €
75 cl 2016 9.00 €
 150 cl   2018  19,00 €



Château de la Grave


Dry white wine fermented and aged in barrels

An original and unique white wine.
Atypical blend Semillon and Colombard, it is surprisingly aromatic complexity, richness and length in the mouth supported by a very nice freshness. We obtain a beautiful balance, at once silky and complex, fine and nervous. On the nose, very subtle aromas of citrus and exotic fruits mingle with spicy and light woody notes. We find the fruits more expressive still and the woody melted in a palate full, round, very fat and long, well stimulated by a fine acidity.

Fermented and aged on lees in oak barrels - 8 months

Château de la Grave GRAINS FINS Côtes de Bourg  White
75 cl  2019 12.00 €
75 cl 2018 12.00 €



Château de la Grave


Dry white wine fermented and aged in jar.

A wine for purists and lovers of white wine.
The "Dolia" are terracotta jars from ancient Italy used where wine was kept. Today through Dolia wine we find this tradition and fun of this work forgotten. Rare wine combining finesse and elegance. The nose is subtle and refined mixing a scent of white flowers, spices and pepper ending on notes of fresh slightly lemony nuts. On the palate, the finish is long, smooth on aromas of pink grapefruit. A wine which one never tires! Drink as an aperitif and shellfish.

Fermented and aged on lees in Dolia jars - 8 months

Château de la Grave  DOLIA COTES DE BOURG Blanc
75 cl 2020 dispo 03/21


Hommage de la Grave


A surprising pink wine!

It is a tribute to wine, a pleasure, original and subtle.
It is drunk without waiting. Rosé wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, pressed directly, fermented and aged in barrels on the lees, it gives us a beautiful pale salmon color amazing. On the nose, notes of wood strawberries and spices are combined with a well-melted oak. The attack is light then the wine becomes more meaty and airy to accompany without heaviness or bitterness. Very long in the mouth and a beautiful roundness surprising, it reveals a great delicacy that we do not tire.

Fermented and aged on lees in oak barrels - 8 months

Hommage de la Grave  ROSE Vin de France  Pink
 75 cl 2019 12,00 €




Excellent wine of celebration and sharing

He made the reputation of our ancestors.
Less known than the production of red wine in Bordeaux, sparkling wines have existed since the 19th century. This production took place naturally in the underground galleries of the village of Bourg sur Gironde at the edge of the Dordogne. These quarries, similar to those of Champagne, offer here ideal conditions of temperature for the frothing and the aging of the "champagne wines". This bottle stands out for its freshness and well-defined fruity character.

Poliane  BLANC EXTRA-BRUT Méthode Traditionnelle
75 cl Blanc ExtraBrut 11,00 €


Vin Orange De La Grave

To discover: amazing and singular wine

White wine made up of an ancestral method of vinification from Antiquity.
Made up of white grapes not pressed and fermented with full berries as a red wine to get a tannic dry white wine. The presence of tannins makes the wine a great wine of gastronomy.

Vin Orange De La Grave  Vin de France Rosé
75 cl 2019  20,00 €

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