NECTAR old vines 2014
Côtes de Bourg Red wine

NECTAR 2015 - Médaille OR et Prix Spécial du Jury au Challenge Interntionnal du Vin 2017 

Ageing in "foudres" (wooden tank) of 50 HL during 18 months. 100% Merlot - old vines
Since 1995, Nectar upsets the received ideas and the well establised hierarchy of providing the proof that a product of Côtes de bourg can rise to the rank of the best Bordeaux wines.
It is unique with its well affirmed tannic structure, its roundness, its suppleness and velvety it develops at the palate from its youth.
It is delightfully tannic, powerful and sweet at once, supported by a good acidity that gives it a real potential for ageing. Nectar offers us its warmth and th whole balance betwwen fruit and oak, concentration and  finesse, richness and elegance that a wine needs.

Public price:
2014: 75 cl - € 15.00 the bottle / 150 cl - € 30.00 the magnum 
2015: 75 cl - € 15.00 the bottle

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Côtes de Bourg Red

80% Merlot - 20% Cabernet sauvignon
Aged in oak barrels for 12 months.

A wine of character! “CARACTERE” is a well structured and complex wine with a pronounced character, a warm and expressive wine which can be easily domesticated in its youth. It’s also a powerful wine with smooth and fine tannins guaranteeing a good ageing in bottle and a high regular quality. At the nose: Red fruity notes with spicy and pepper flavours mixed with discreet woody aromas. At the palate: Long on the palate and robust, it reveals a nice elegance and a lot of harmony.

Public price:
2014: 75 cl - € 10.50 the bottle
2015: 75 cl - € 10.50 the bottle / 150 cl - € 21.00 the magnum 

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CHATEAU DE LA GRAVE CARACTERE 2015: 1 star in the Hachette Guide 2018.
CHATEAU DE LA GRAVE CARACTERE 2014 Médaile d'or au Challenge International du vin + 2 stars in the Hachette Guide 2017.
CHATEAU DE LA GRAVE CARACTERE 2012 Gold medal at the "concours des Grands vins de Bordeaux" + 2 stars & "COUP DE COEUR" in the Hachette Guide 2015.
CHATEAU DE LA GRAVE CARACTERE 2011 Silver medal at the "concours des Grands vins de Bordeaux"
CHATEAU DE LA GRAVE CARACTERE 2010 Gold medal at the concours du Challenge international du Vin, Guide Hachette 2012
CHATEAU DE LA GRAVE CARACTERE 2009 Gold medal at the "concours des Grands vins de Bordeaux" Guide Hachette 2011, 5*****Guide Hubert 2012 
CHATEAU DE LA GRAVE CARACTERE 2008 Silver medal at the "concours des Grands vins de Bordeaux" ....


70% Merlot - 20% Malbec - 10% Cabernet sauvignon
Aged in aok barrels for 6 months.

Enjoy this classic and delicate “Côtes de Bourg” wine each day at your table. With fine and silky tannins and nice fruity aromas at the nose, it is a pleasant wine to drink young. Relaxing and accessible, it is an excellent wine for lunch or quiet diner. The blend of Merlot, Cabernet and Malbec give touches of roundness and an intense fruity bouquet. The rich and silky tannins make a nice and balanced body for this wine. His evolution is marked by a lot of fineness.

Private price:
2015: 75 cl - € 8.00 /bottle / 150 cl - € 16.00 /magnum 

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AOC Côtes de Bourg White

60% Sémillon - 40% Colombard
Fermented and aged in oak barrels on the lees

This unusual blend of Semillon and Colombard varieties has forged a reputation for the château. Rare in its originality, it's simply a great white wine. A delight at all stages of your meal. A concentration of originality and rarity.
It is a rare, original and unique dry white wine made in Côtes de Bourg Appellation with a mixed of citrus and peach aromas. It is a nice balance between fruit, fineness and freshness. With a lot of richness and a very long taste at the palate hold by an intense freshness, this white wine is really amazing. It’s perfect with aperitif, scallops, sea food, cooked or grilled fishes, white meat and cheese.

Private price:
2016: 75 cl - € 10.50 /bottle

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2016: Médaille OR au Challenge International du Vin 2017
2015: Médaille Bronze au Concours des Vins de MACON 2017
2014: 2** & COUP DE COEUR dans la Guide Hachette des vins 2016
2011: COUP DE COEUR dans la Revue des vins de France 

Pink wine

100% Cabernet sauvignon
Fermented and aged in oak barrels on the lees  

A very original and well balanced wine! Here is the proof that a “rosé” can be a splendid wine. “Hommage” is made with a special and a particular wine-making of Chateau de la Grave. Discover its pale and light colour and receive a real, original and subtle pleasure. It is totally dry, full body and very long at the palate. At the nose, a blend of very fruity flavours of strawberries mixed with spicy and soft oaky notes. It is very nice to eat with, specially grilled meat and spicy food.

Private price:
2016: 75 cl - € 10.50 / bottle

To order: Please contact us by phone, mail or email. 

Poliane white Extra Brut

100 % Colombard - Extra-brut

Less known than the Bordeaux red wine production, the sparkling wines existed since the XIXe century. This production found a natural place in the underground galleries of the valleys of the Garonne and the Dordogne. There are same careers than in Champagne area which offers ideal conditions of the temperature for the “each of foam” (“prise de mousse”) and the ageing of the product. The manufacturing process of our wine is the same than for a Champagne , only the grapes varieties used change. After an exclusively hand picking harvest, the grape juice « the must » is fermented in tanks in a traditional way at the Chateau de La Grave. We obtain a wine says “basic wine”. The second stage is a new fermentation in the bottle to obtain the effervescent wine made in the caves in Bourg sur Gironde. At the end, we make the disgorging which consists in opening the bottle to take out the deposit made during the fermentation thanks to the pressure in the bottle.

Public price:
White 75 cl - 10.00 € the bottle
Pink    75 cl - Not Available

To order: Please contact us by phone, mail or e-mail. 


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